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Chat Room Links

Chat Room Links

I have been to almost every single one of these links on this page. A lot of them I have cut and pasted the descriptions in from the pages itself. I hope you enjoy these links as much as I have making them for you. If you are interested in getting the file for FREE that I made this link page with Please E-mail me at: I will give you a link where you can go and download it for FREE ! It is not shareware and it is not for SALE ! This is a Totally FREE program. It is a Great Program for making link pages and to spread the word around if you have a homepage that you want to promote.

Introduce yourself to the millions of singles that are searching the web.

The Writer's BBS Chat Rooms
50+ discussion forums for writers including critiques, discussions, and workshops. You're sure to find something of interest. You might also want to take a look at the Writer's BBS Picture Gallery.

Mental Health Net - Community Rules
Forums and chat rooms on MHN are meant as self-help support resources. They are for peer discussion only. No commercial messages or solicitations are allowed (except as allowed below for voluntary research and for posting in our Classifieds forum.)

The CyberMom Dot Com - Chat Forums
Join in the chat at our Home on the 'Net for Moms with Modems. From here, you can enter any chat forum (threaded chat-style bulletin board), or click the Party Line button to join in Live Chat at CyberMom.

Member Lounge TOC
Welcome to Member Lounge Chat Room & Discussion Forums

Chat Rooms at Morgana's Observatory
TGIF (Thank God/dess It's Friday)! Relax, have a cup or glass of your favorite "unwinding drink" and join the merry band of whoever decides to show up. If you've been to the message forums, you might notice some familiar names here on Fridays. When you get into the chat room, introduce yourself -- you will certainly receive a reply -- if, that is, anyone is there. On Fridays, the room is moderated by the group, and the topic of discussion depends on what you wish to talk about.

Virtual Bangladesh : Live
Virtual Bangladesh Interactive.

Interactive Brighton - Chat Rooms, On-line Forums, Stories and News.
Brighton UK where to go, what to do and when to do it. The newest and most informative guide to brighton clubs, pubs, bars, listings, reviews, cinemas, theatres, restaurants, events and nightclubs. - The site for men to Arise - Web Portal for men interested in deals, products, babes, cartoons, and entertainment all linked from a central location.

Free chat rooms, forums, Guestbooks, and message boards for your website: Internet STUFF
With this excellent free services, you can easily set up a customized message board, real-time chat room or guestbook on your Website. It's a great way to create interactivity with your visitors. You can customize the way it looks: color, text, background images, sections, etc. You can also receive an E-mail after your guest book or message forum has been signed.

Free On Line - Servizi gratuiti: Chat Room, Forum e Amici. I links
Lots of Chat room links from around the world. Very are English.

The Net's Best Diet & Fitness Links - by
The Net's Best Diet & Fitness Links: CyberDiet: Ever wonder about a food's nutritional content? It's easy when the food is prepackaged because a label is provided. But what about a ordinary apple from the produce section? CyberDiet offers the solution to this dilemma via its outstanding database of foods. You'll get the nutritional information on just about any food you choose - and it's presented in the same familiar label-format you see on packaged foods. Of course, this is only one of the excellent resources available at CyberDiet. You'll also find a recipe index, food facts, exercise tips, a daily food planner, and a host of other fitness resources.

Princesses Haven Forum links
There are heaps of really supportive chat rooms for MP and Survivors. Many remain safe by listing channel guidelines on their web pages and have operators that try to make sure they are followed. Following are some links to pages that have chat rooms. Read the guidelines then, you can decide if it will suit your needs.

Free chat-rooms, forums & mailing lists.
Free chat rooms, forums & mailing lists

Multiple Sclerosis Chat Rooms, Forums, eMail Discussion Lists and Free Publications
Multiple Sclerosis chat rooms, forums, email discussion lists and free publications.

Online Connections - Online Connections Forums, Chat rooms, and other features for your website
Interactivity, the ability for your audience to take part in what happens on your website is what will keep them interested and keep them coming back again and again. These content features

MGH Neurology - Disclaimer and Statement of Purpose
This Web Forum is not moderated in any sense. Anyone on the Internet can post articles or reply to previously posted articles, and they may do so anonymously. Therefore, the opinions and statements made in all articles and replies do not represent the official opinions of MGH and MGH Neurology. Neither is MGH or MGH Neurology responsible for the content of any articles or replies. No messages are screened for content

Best Chat Rooms @ InfoTreks
Find all the good chat rooms on the web here.

Live Chat!
Our chats channels are hosted during certain times of day. We have some Guidelines for Participation, please take a look at them before you play. Here's our schedule.

Volano - Demos
VolanoChat and VolanoChatPro servers can be configured to operate in several modes to support a variety of chat applications. Public Chat Rooms Public chat rooms can be added to any number of Web pages. Visitors can enter multiple public chat rooms and private chat sessions at the same time.

Interactive applications for your website
Free guestbooks,chat,mailing lists,message boards,feedback forms and more - no CGI required

Panthera's Lair
The Java-enhanced version of this site will not work with older browsers. Get the latest versions of Internet Explorer & Netscape, or visit the Non-Java version of the site.

SWOON: Forums
WELCOME TO THE SWOON FORUMS But these are actually our old forums, and by August 14th they'll no longer be available. The new forums can be found at Go ahead and save your favorite posts or reminisce in the archive, but don't dally too long. The new forums await, and they're even better than these. Note: it says August 14th but it is Sept 18, 2000 and they are still active! This Site is not for the Young or Young at heart!!

Amarillo Globe-News: Privacy Statement
The Amarillo Globe-News Online is committed to protecting consumer privacy online. We believe that greater protection of personal privacy on the Web will not only protect consumers, but also increase consumer confidence and ultimately their participation in online activities. At the Amarillo Globe-News Online, we intend to give you as much control as possible over your personal information. | Links for Medical School Applicants is a place for anyone applying for admission to medical school, law school, business school and other graduate programs. You'll find valuable advice on writing personal statements, application essays, and letters of recommendation.

ITS Internet Three-D Solutions, Start Here
Hundreds of Chat Room links and Help topics. Listed in A to Z format! it is Huge !!

$50 Bonus With 5.9¢ Long Distance!
The Teen Chat Directory lists all the best pages about Teen Chat. We have combed the Internet to find relevant pages where you can find the Teen Chat information you're looking for. Art & Entertainment Community: Chat rooms & Forums
If you would like to become a member and enjoy member services such as private chats, forum, newsletters, referrals ... please join now.

Hunting and Fishing Chat Rooms Bulletin Boards
All Fishing and Hunting related Chat rooms.

FORUMS & CHAT ROOMS Center. Looks pretty interesting. Nice Layout .

Using chat rooms, newsgroups, forums, listserv lists & ICQ for Christian witness & evangelism
Chat rooms, bulletin board forums, newsgroups, email lists & ICQ are an effective method of sharing the good news. Links to many online resources. A Goshen Guide to web evangelism.

GO Network | Privacy and Safety
GUIDE TO GOOD CONTENT FOR KIDS The Internet offers thousands of great Web sites and services for kids and families, but trying to figure out which sites are appropriate for different members of your family can be challenging. This section provides a snapshot of kid-friendly sites designed to educate, guide and inform kids in all age groups.

FRIENDS and Lovers Chat Rooms
You'll find plenty going on in the Friends and Lovers chat rooms.

Adult Chat Rules - c_rules.html
We want to welcome you to some of the best and most enjoyable Chat Rooms on the Internet. We have a great group of chatters from all over the world including both sexes. We have strived to ensure these Chat Rooms present a chat environment for men and women that is free of harassment, intimidation or malice. We want your chat experience to be entertaining and we want you to return. To insure your experience is a good one, we have a few rules that all chatters must be respectful of.

Pain Chat
A few Examples of the Chat Rooms on this page: #Chronic_Pain - Default - For Chronic Pain WWW Board Chat users #Comic_Chat - Popular room for Users of Microsoft Comic Chat Program #CoolRoom - Another popular chat room #Newbies - Chat room for newbies.(New Users of the Internet and IRC Chat # n0rse - For chatting with Jim (Webmaster) on a personal basis Or make any room you like. It must begin with a # sign.

FREE Adult Chat Rooms List @ InfoTreks
Best Free Adult Chat Rooms On The Web.

Links of interest to County Mayo in the West of Ireland
Follow these links for information on County Mayo (Ireland).

South Mayo LEADER Company
Information about the South Mayo LEADER Company (West of Ireland).

The Brighton UK Site
Brighton UK where to go, what to do and when to do it. The newest and most informative guide to brighton clubs, pubs, bars, listings, reviews, cinemas, theatres, restaurants, events and nightclubs.

Volano - Demo : Personal Rooms
This is a demonstration of the VolanoChatPro personal chat room feature. Each personal chat room can be accessed only from the Web page that created it. Personal chat rooms can be hidden from people in other personal and public chat rooms even if they are running on the same VolanoChatPro server. This is an ideal feature for chat hosting providers, multi-departmental corporations, support desks, and training centers that need a single virtual server supporting multiple independent chat rooms.

Chat Rooms on Idyll Mountain MUSH -- Idyll Mountain Internet
Chat rooms on Idyll Mountain are specific parts of the MUSH that are set aside for special use. Each chat room has a designated topic, such as the Virtual Dog Show, livestock guardian dogs, WOOFCHAT or rabbits!

Chat Rooms and Forums
Jump in! Investigate! Respond! This is your place to speak your mind and have fun!"

Businesses in Mayo in the West of Ireland
Businesses in and around County Mayo in the West of Ireland

The Park Community: Help
Answers to frequently asked questions (FAQS) about Park membership, features, chatroom manners and lingo, user icons, and more

Liste des Liens JAVA
Applets JAVA

The Daily Camera: About Us
Daily coverage of the Boulder County region

The Daily Camera: About Us
Daily coverage of the Boulder County region

Volano - Products : Features
Multinational chat networks can be built by allowing thousands of Web sites to create public chat rooms that link together to form a chat community. Chat networking is a great way to quickly build an online community.

The Telson Spur -- Home: Internet Forums
This page lists links to on-line resources on internet forums, in particular chat.

Using chat rooms, newsgroups, forums, bulletin boards, & email lists for Christian witness & evangelism
Evangelistic Christian witness in newsgroups, chat rooms, IRC, forums, BBs, listserv lists, email newsletters & ICQ. These are proven methods of sharing the Good News with others. Find out how. A Brigada resource article.

Interactive Brighton - Chat Rooms, On-line Forums, Stories and News.
Brighton UK where to go, what to do and when to do it. The newest and most informative guide to brighton clubs, pubs, bars, listings, reviews, cinemas, theatres, restaurants, events and nightclubs.

Survey Central - This Month's Best - Do your prefer chat rooms, or forums?
Survey Central is an interactive site where anyone can sign up to fill-out and create surveys with other people. It's just for fun, all are welcome.

Teacherweb Guide - Vocational Ed. - Links to the best sites for K-12 vocational education is a website where K-12 teachers can collaborate, learn and explore the Web. It includes web forums, chat rooms, listervs, free tutorials, and a guide to the best educational sites.'s Chat Room for Writers's Chat Room for Writers

The Gateway Chat Rooms News Groups And Online Forums
Best place for your communications technology, marketing, networking,shop, research and independant enterprise.

Chat Family is chat for the whole family - chat rooms
chat rooms staffed by trained chat admins here to provide the cleanest chat rooms on the internet.

Chat Room
Chat Room

The Bergen Record's Chat Rooms
The Bergen Record newspaper's chat rooms, a virtual community for the online crowd in northern New Jersey. Expatriates welcome!